What Are Some Different Oster Kitchen Center Accessories?


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The Oster Heritage Blend Kitchen Center Blender has several accessories such as the 1 cup mini jar, a 3 cup food processor attachment, a 5 cup stainless steel jar and a milkshake blade. These accessories are included with the Kitchen Center as of 2015.

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The Oster Heritage Blend Kitchen Center Blender is a 600 watt, stainless steel blender base with a three-speed dial and stainless steel ice-crusher blade. It comes with a standard 5 cup boroclass glass blending jar as well as four other attachments.

The food processor attachment has a 3 cup bowl and S-blade that chops or minces onions, garlic vegetables and nuts. The 1 cup mini-blend jar has a handle, spout and lid. This attachment is great for blending small quantities of pesto, salad dressings or baby food. Pop the lid on and store the mini-jar directly in the refrigerator.

The milkshake blade is different than the standard blade. Its design infuses air into the mixture to create light, frothy milkshakes. The 5 cup stainless steel jar is recommended for making milkshakes or other cold mixtures as the stainless steel maintains a cold surface temperature.

The Kitchen Center is made in North America and has a 10 year All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty.

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