What Are Some Different Oil Spill Trays?


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Containment trays, transformer trays, drum trays, utility trays, spill collectors and rack containment trays are several different kinds of oil spill trays. Each of these oil spill trays features a design tailored to catch oil for specific activities, equipment or machinery. For example, the transformer trays feature heavy-duty construction and large bases to catch oil and chemical spills, leaks and drips that come off of large machines such as distribution transformers and voltage regulators.

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Containment trays are one of the most common types of oil spill trays because of their versatile size. Containment trays typically come with elevated grates that separate machines and containers with large leaks or spills from the oil and chemicals. Rack containment trays feature a similar design as containment trays but are larger in size to catch the spills from beneath pallet racking. These rack containment trays often come in square or rectangular shapes to be lined up and fit under a variety of large pallet racks or rows of pallet racking.

Drum trays usually come with elevated grates to keep chemical drums from interacting with the caught oils and chemicals. Drum trays have a round shape to best accommodate and secure chemical and oil drums.

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