What Are Some Different Loropetalum Varieties?

Loropetalums are typically divided into white-flowering varieties and pink-flowering varieties, and within these divisions are numerous cultivars that produce plants that are slightly varied in appearance. Common pink-flowering varieties include burgundy, blush, Zhuzhou Fuchsia and bicolor loropetalums. Carolina Moonlight and Snow Muffin are common white-flowering varieties. While the Carolina Moonlight and Snow Muffin grow only up to 4 feet high, the Zhuzhou Fuchsia can reach 20 feet.

The burgundy and blush varieties are notable for their fuchsia-pink flowers, olive green foliage and large size, topping out around 8 to 10 feet tall. The Zhuzhou Fuchsia also has bright pink blooms but is most notable for its blackish maroon foliage and its ability to be trained into a tree form. The bicolor loropetalum has white flowers streaked with light pink. Among white-flowering varieties, the Carolina Moonlight and the Snow Muffin are significantly more dense than pink-flowering varieties, which begin flowering in late winter.

Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum is the variety of loropetalum that is most commonly cultivated. Within this variety, leaf color and flower color are highly variable. Because the plant has become highly commercialized, new varieties are released regularly. Different varieties of loropetalums are available to suit both full-sun and partial-sun locations.