What Are Some Different Kobalt Ratchet Sets?


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Kobalt, the Lowe's-owned brand of tools, offers a number of different types of ratchet sets including ratchet wrenches, ratcheting screwdrivers and socket sets. Lowes offers seven- and eight-piece Kobalt ratchet wrench sets in both U.S. customary and millimeter measurements, a half-dozen ratcheting screwdriver sets, and more than 50 socket sets.

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Rachet wrenches, ratcheting screwdrivers and socket wrenches make up a large portion of tools having a ratchet mechanism. All of these have as their primary purpose the loosening and tightening of various fasteners from nuts and bolts to a wide array of flat-head, Phillips, hex and Torx screws.

Ratchet wrench sets work well with nuts and bolts and are a good choice if there is little clearance above the fastener. Ratcheting screwdriver sets are an optimal choice for screws with drivers ranging in length from stubby to extra long. Ratchet drivers have socket sets available for all sizes of nuts and bolts as well as all types of screws.

Kobalt tools launched in 1998 as Lowe's in-house brand manufactured by J.H. Williams. Marketed as competitors to The Home Depot's Husky brand and Sears' Craftsman brand, as of 2016, the Kobalt brand has multiple manufacturers with JS Products producing hand tools since 2011.

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