What Are Some Different Kinds of Stanley Plane Parts?


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Stanley Plane parts include scrapers and spokeshaves, cutters, blades and irons, as well as caps and screws. These parts vary depending on the type of plane, such as bench plane, block plane, rabbet plane, router or combination. Blades and cutters, particularly, come in a wide range of sizes and uses, and those sizes depend greatly upon the type of plane for which they are made.

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Stanley also sells plane kits, such as frog kits, handle kits, lever and screw kits, low angle kits and spur kits. Other kits are available as well, including depth gauge kits, fence kits, shoulder plane kits and spokeshave kits. The kits come with a variety of different components, depending on the usage of the particular kit, and range in price from $14 to $40, as of 2016.

Stanley Planes come in models made in the United States, as well as models made abroad, and the parts for each vary slightly, based on size and units of measure. It is important that users purchase parts specifically for the Stanley plane they own, to ensure proper fit and performance. Parts are available on the Stanley website or at a local hardware store. If the user does not know precisely which part his plane requires, he should ask a representative in a store or by calling the toll-free number on Stanley's website.

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