What Are Some of the Different Kinds of Flowering Crabapple Trees?


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The European crabapple tree, malus sylvestris, is the most common flowering crabapple species. It attains a mature height of 40 feet with white blooms that occur in mid-spring and red fruits in summer. Sargent's crabapple, a dwarf multi-stemmed variety, is extremely cold hardy with white flowers and red fruits.

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All crabapple trees are botanically members of the rosaceae, or rose, family. The flowering varieties generally attain a 20-foot height and have shapes that range from weeping to upright, and rounded to spreading. Among the weeping varieties is Molten Lava, a 10-foot tree with drooping branches, white flowers and orange fruit. A red-fruited weeping variety is Red Jade, which also has white flowers.

Adams is a wide-spreading flowering crab that attains a 20-foot height and width. Deep pink semi-double blooms emerge with red-tinted leaves that turn green by mid-summer. The glossy red fruits are over 1/2 inch in diameter, and they persist into winter. Cardinal is an upright spreading variety that attains a width equal to its 20-foot height. The blooms are rosy-red, with reddish-purple foliage and deep red fruits measuring 1/2 inch in diameter.

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