What Are Some of the Different Kinds of Ferns?


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Different types of ferns include resurrection fern, strap fern and leather fern. Other types of fern are maidenhair fern, lady fern, New York fern, male fern and ostrich fern.

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Resurrection fern grows on trees and rocks from the tropics and north to eastern North America. Venus maidenhair fern is known for its beautiful, fan-shaped subleaflets. Young ostrich fern are eaten as a vegetable. Male fern is used to kill parasitic worms.

Strap fern has straplike leaves and grows on logs and stumps. Leather fern is a tropical fern whose compound leaves can be as long as 9 feet. Sori, structures that hold spores, are so abundant on the underside of the leaf that they resemble leather.

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