What Are Some Different Insulation Suppliers?

What Are Some Different Insulation Suppliers?

IDI Distributors supplies insulation to contractors, and Insulation Supplies sells insulation products to residential and commercial customers. Kamco Supply Corporation offers insulation to contractors, do-it-yourselfers, corporations and government agencies. McCormick Insulation Supply wholesales industrial and commercial insulation materials, and Knauf Insulation provides environmentally friendly products.

IDI Distributors supplies most types of insulation, including fiberglass, blowing wool, mineral wool, spray foam and cellulose, as well as foam sheathing and reflective insulation. The company also supplies insulation machines, weatherization products, a mold prevention product and FreedomRail shelving. Insulation Supplies provides fiberglass, cellulose, foam and board-stock insulation products. The company also offers insulation blowers and vacuums, and it sells or rents used machines.

Kamco supplies brand-name insulation products from CertainTeed, Guardian Building Products, Owens Corning, Johns Manville and Dow. The company also offers Owens Corning's Thermafiber fire-resistant mineral wool, and Blue Ridge Fiber Board's Celotex brand-name products. Kamco offers fiberglass batts, spray-foam insulation, foam sheathing board, sound-deadening board and bead board, as well as rigid foam insulation and encapsulated insulation.

McCormick Insulation Supply focuses only on distribution, and the company supplies a broad range of commercial and industrial insulation products, including fiberglass, mineral wool, Styrofoam, polyamid and duct board products, as well as pipe covering, duct wrap, aluminum and stainless jacketing, underground insulation, and insulating cement. The company also provides several types of insulation cloth, including fiberglass, silicone, Teflon and aluminized glass cloth.

Knauf Insulation's ECOSE technology uses plant-based chemistry to produce formaldehyde-free insulation products.