What Are Some Different Hollyhock Varieties?


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Different hollyhock varieties include Powder Puff, Silk Ruffles, Apple Blossom and Country Garden. These types of hollyhocks belong to the Alcea rosea type. Others are Happy Lights, a type of fig-leaf hollyhock, and Black Beauty and After Midnight, which are types of "black" hollyhock.

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Alcea rugosa is another type of hollyhock that produces showy yellow flowers. These types of hollyhocks are believed to be native to Russia and are noted for their hairier than usual stems. This gives them their alternate name of hairy hollyhock. They prefer partial shade or full sunlight and blossom from May to October. They're sought out by gardeners because they are resistant to hollyhock rust.

The black hollyhocks are even more adaptable because they also do well even in full shade and are tolerant of drought. These types of hollyhocks aren't really black but a rich purple.

The Alcea rosea hollyhocks are the most popular. They are tall and sometimes grow to 6 feet in height. They also produce blossoms from summer until frost. Their flowers come in shades of blue, peach, red, white, pink and other colors. They attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

The hollyhock mallow is not a true hollyhock but belongs to the Malva species. It is a perennial with pink or purple flowers.

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