What Are Some Different Gallery Glass Window Patterns?


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Valentine glass art, summer shell glass vase, lemon filled vase and lotus cling are examples of patterns made specifically for the Gallery Glass technique. It's possible to modify almost any stained glass pattern for Gallery Glass painting.

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The Valentine glass art pattern consists of hearts and scrolls. Creating the project involves placing the pattern on the glass but creating the lines on a surface and allowing them to dry. The projects utilizes both crystal clear Gallery Glass colors and those with a shimmer, which make the pattern opaque.

Creating the other Gallery Glass patterns involves using the same basic tools and techniques. The summer shell glass vase pattern consists of a shell on top of blue waves. The lemon filled vase features lemons inside a blue vase with diamond patterning. The lotus cling is a stylized pattern that looks like a French fleur-de-lis.

Plaid, the maker of Gallery Glass, offers numerous patterns and online classes via the company's website. Many of the patterns typically feature flowers or other garden-type designs.

It's also possible to adapt basic stained glass line patterns for Gallery Glass painting. In this case, there are no instructions of how to complete the project.

Another option is to take the Gallery Glass techniques and use them to make items such as Advent candles. These patterns are usually geometric with bold lines.

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