What Are Some Different Finishes Available for Wooden Bathroom Cabinets?

What Are Some Different Finishes Available for Wooden Bathroom Cabinets?

Some finishes available for wooden bathroom cabinets include burnished, highlighted, painted, stained and vintage finishes. Additional finishes include paint with glaze, stain with glaze and thermofoil finishes.

Burnished finishes are available for maple and cherry wood. This type of finish creates a warm and traditional look and is achieved by randomly and somewhat excessively distressing and sanding the wood. A dark stain is then applied to the corners and raised areas of the cabinet doors and drawers. The last step is the application of a base stain, which is hand-wiped.

Highlighted finishes are achieved by hand-rubbing a base stain into the wood and then applying a highlight glaze to the recessed areas on the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This finish adds an artisan look to the bathroom. Both burnished and highlighted finishes require hand-rubbing and application, which means no two cabinets are exactly alike.

To use paint for finishing wooden cabinets, several coats are needed to fully saturate them. Paint finishes often hide the natural characteristics of the wood grain. This type of finish is typically done with maple wood because of its smooth and clean attributes.

Stained finishes give the bathroom a more natural look. This look is accomplished by hand-rubbing the stain color of choice into the wood. Stains help accentuate the natural appeal of wood.