What Are the Different Error Codes of a Whirlpool Oven?

Most Whirlpool oven error codes are numbered from F1-E0 to F1-E9, and F0 to F9, while other errors such as "PF" and "LOC" are not numbered. The error codes are classified under two-digit and four-digit categories.

Two-digit error codes, such as F5, are caused by oven door and latching switch problems. When they occur, disconnect the device from the power source, then check the wires and connections for possible defects. Other common causes of two-digit error codes include door failures, board failures, oven door lock failures and function key failure.

Four-digit error codes, such as F1-E1, F2-E0, F3-E0 and F3-E1, are caused by safety flip flop problems, shorted keypads and faulty temperature sensors respectively. For example, when the oven is too hot, it displays error F3-E2. To solve error F3-E2, disconnect the oven from the power source for approximately 30 seconds, and then restart it.

Other error codes like "PF" are a sign of temporary power failure in the oven. To clear this error, press the Stop/Clear keypad to reset your control settings. To solve error "LOC," press and hold the control button of the oven for approximately 3 seconds, and then release it. This error occurs when the control local feature has been activated.