What Are Different Entry Door Styles?

What Are Different Entry Door Styles?

The six main door styles currently available are Dutch, contemporary, craftsman, decorative, classic and rustic. When choosing an entry door, factors such as configuration, surface and material are as important as style. Double- or single-door configurations can be accompanied by side panels and overhead transoms made with diverse materials. Soft surfaces receive paint more efficiently, but textured surfaces can be stained to retain a wooded appearance. Paneled doors come with patterns that give the entrance a more formal appearance.

Dutch doors are divided horizontally in two panels. These panels open independently or as a unit. The top panel usually comes with static windows that allow more light to enter the property. Contemporary doors are minimalist and are usually painted in bright colors. These doors have smooth surfaces and no panels.

Craftsman doors come with a glass panel located on the upper-third section of the door. These doors feature two or three rectangular vertical boxes and a small ornamental shelf bellow the glass panel. Decorative doors feature glass panels with metal grilles that form diverse patterns. Classic doors come with uncluttered rectangular, square or arched patterns. Some of these doors feature single oval or rectangular windows that creates a welcoming look.

Rustic doors look handcrafted. These doors are ideal for properties with Tuscan, Southwestern and European-country architectural styles.

Most door styles come in diverse materials such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, MDF and solid wood. Metal doors are durable but susceptible to dents. Wood doors have a lower insulating value and are high-maintenance, but they add a more traditional look. Fiberglass doors are versatile but require regular painting.