What Are Some Different Electric Fence Designs?

What Are Some Different Electric Fence Designs?

There are several electric fence designs available that include rope, wire, twine and tape, notes doityourself.com. Each type of fence has its own benefits and some work better than others.

Homeowners who want a strong electric fence should opt for rope. Rope fencing is made from tightly woven fibers that have an electric filament running through them. The electric current runs through the filament and the fibers in the rope protect it from most types of weather. The rope is heavy enough to stay in place in high winds.

Twine is easy to set up and is just as effective as rope electric fencing. Not as sturdy as rope, twine is resistant to ultraviolet rays and is less conspicuous than rope.

Wire is the most popular type of electric fencing. The strong, solid wire is the filament in this type of fencing and wire is ideal for controlling large livestock animals. Most wire fencing is constructed from galvanized aluminum and zinc and lasts for years.

Tape fencing is the least sturdy of all electric fence types because it suffers damage in heavy rains and wind. Stainless steel conductors run through plastic filaments in the fencing, allowing this type to be highly visible.

There are also several different ways to power an electric fence. Most have an energizer which transfers electricity from the power supply to the wire and energizers can be mains, solar-powered units or batteries.