What Are Some Different Driveway Resurfacing Options?


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Some different options for resurfacing a concrete driveway include overlays, sawcut patterns, etching, stamping and applying exposed aggregate finishes. Driveway resurfacing usually involves cleaning the concrete surface, repairing any cracks and holes, covering the surface with a spray-on polymer concrete and finishing it with a trowel before coloring and sealing the concrete and waiting for it to cure, notes HomeAdvisor.com. Resurfacing restores the concrete to a like-new appearance.

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Many people choose to apply concrete staining to color the concrete a different color during the resurfacing process, notes HomeAdvisor.com. There are several different options when it comes to concrete staining, ranging from basic colors to giving the concrete the look of distressed leather, natural stone or wood or even painting a colorful mural on the concrete.

Overlays are another option when resurfacing concrete. This includes creating the look of stone, brick or flagstone. Some homeowners may opt for sawcut patterns in random or symmetrical designs. Carving a pattern into the surface during stamping or etching gives the surface the look of brick without the expense.

Another option is the application of exposed aggregate finishes. This involves embedding small stones into the concrete's surface, giving it a rough texture and making the concrete slip free.

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