What Are Some Different Designs of Granite Hearths?


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Granite hearths can be built of solid granite slabs, granite tiles and natural granite stones. There are many choices of natural and manufactured granite colors and stone patterns. The granite hearth can be inlaid to be flush with the surrounding wall or built out to create depth around the fireplace. The granite of the hearth can be extended into the fireplace or augmented by brick or other natural stones, and it can also be used to create a granite mantel.

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Granite tile slabs are typically no more than 2 inches thick and are set into concrete to create the hearth. This gives exceptional flexibility in hearth and fireplace design, allowing for unique designs such as rounded fireplaces, cantilevered shelves and complete surrounds. Natural granite stones set into concrete can be used to create a rustic hearth and fireplace setting.

Natural and manufactured granite is available in a wide array of colors and stone patterns to create hearths that can either make strong decorative statements or blend seamlessly into existing decor. Granite tile and slabs are available as solid colors, both light and dark, and in variety of patterns including speckled, striped and mottled. Tiles can be arranged to create patterns and designs into the hearth.

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