What Are Some Different Decorative Wall Painting Techniques?


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Decorative wall painting techniques include fresco painting, color washing and linen weave. Fresco painting creates a mottled finish that is similar to parchment, while color washing creates a dappled texture. Linen weave painting uses glaze and a dry brush to give walls a linen-like finish.

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To paint a wall in fresco style, apply a white base coat. On top of the base coat, mix glaze and two paint colors together in a roller tray. Ensure the colors do not mix together. Coat a roller in the mixture so that half is one color and half is another. Randomly roll the mixture onto the wall in all directions, using a cheesecloth to blend in any sections that stand out.

For a color wash, apply a coat of primer to the walls. Apply the base color, and allow it to dry. Use a cloth or sea sponge to paint glaze on top of the base color, using a wiping motion as if you are cleaning the wall. For an aged look, apply a light glaze over a dark glaze.

To create a linen weave finish, apply a base coat and glaze. Drag a dry brush gently through the glaze before it dries to create a lined look. When the glaze is dry, roll on another coat, and drag horizontally to create the linen pattern.

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