What Are the Different Colors of Granite Countertops?

What Are the Different Colors of Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are available in neutral colors such as black, gray, brown, beige, and white with flecks of black, red and gray. They are also available in vivid hues such as red, blue, pink, purple and green.

It is difficult to find granite countertops that are pure white. Most of them either appear as gray or contain flecks of other colors such as black and red. Examples of such white granites include Bianco Sardo and Bianco Romano. White granite countertops create an effect of more space and appear striking when paired with cherry wood kitchen furnishings.

Gray granite countertops tend to have flecks of brown, pink and white. Black countertops are either flat black such as the Absolute Black stone or contain flecks of mica, gold and gray as in the Black Pearl and Black Galaxy granites. Black and gray granite countertops best suit modern kitchens with light or white cabinets.

Brown, beige, tan, yellow and gold granite countertops usually come in overlapping tones. Examples of such granites include Colonial Gold, Gold Antique, Brown Pearl and Harvest Cream. Granite countertops of these hues go well with several kitchen styles and cabinet colors.

Vivid granite countertops such as Lady Dream, Red Malibu and Blue Eyes are more exotic but less commonly used. Among these, greens mixed with white or black such as Green Coast, Turtle Green and Jungle Green are more common. Granite countertops of these colors are best paired with light cabinetry.