What Are Some Different Coffee Cup Holder Racks?


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Coffee cup holders include mug trees, mount-on-the-wall racks with hooks and wall racks that have individual shelves. It is also possible to create coffee cup racks inside cupboards if a non-cluttered kitchen look is preferred. Mug trees come in several designs, but they almost always have center posts with hooks or smaller posts branching out for the cups. Some mug trees double as storage containers, and these usually look a bit different.

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Some of the simplest wall-mounted coffee cup holders are those that just have hooks or posts to hang the cups. These are made of simple boards with the hooks firmly screwed in. Ready-made models are also available, often found in a lattice patterns with the posts at the intersections of the lattice. Another creative idea is to mount curtain rods on a wall and then put hooks along the length. These may also double as storage bin holders for light items.

Wall-mounted racks may also have individual shelves to hold the mugs or cups, usually with lips to hold them in place. These are often made out of old pallets, which gives a kitchen a rustic look. Pallets are two-sided, so the slats on one side are often removed to create the shelves. Pallets also work well with the simpler hook post idea. Pick the best-looking side, paint it or leave it as is, attach the posts, and then hang it for an instant mug rack.

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