What Are Some Different Chimney Diagrams?


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Masonry fireplaces and factory-built fireplaces are two different types of chimney diagrams. The diagrams show the differences in components, construction and materials used in building both types of chimneys. Different designs are available on the official websites of the Chimney Safety Institute of America, as well as other fireplace and chimney restoration and construction professional service providers.

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A masonry fireplace has been the standard chimney design and construction for hundreds of years. The fireplace is built on-site using hand-laid brick, blocks, stone and mortar, and it offers a sense of permanence and quality due to its elaborate structure. A diagram for a masonry fireplace is available on North Texas Chimney & Hearth, and it shows an illustration of the construction and different parts of a masonry fireplace, including the assembly for the base, firebox, smoke chamber and chimney crown.

A factory-built fireplace is popular among households due to its cost effectiveness. The fireplace is typically made of metal and comes in a complete set, including the specific chimney systems, the firebox and miscellaneous parts. The diagrams of factory-built fireplaces show the typical zero-clearance construction of the units. The specifications that come with the diagram and the chimney and fireplace set must be followed strictly. A factory-built fireplace is usually a decorative heating appliance and is not designed to withstand the abuse often heaped on masonry fireplaces.

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