How Do You Get Different Bed Frame Diagrams?


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Obtain different bed frame diagrams and construction plans by visiting DIYNetwork.com, WoodGears.ca, SimplifiedBuilding.com and HowToSpecialist.com. Each site includes pictures of each finished bed along with instructions on how to follow the diagram and completely assemble the bed.

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DIYNetwork.com contains instructional articles and guides, several of which focus on the process for building a bed frame. The site breaks up the build process for each project into several steps, many of which include diagrams in each step that convey the size of wood to cut or the positioning of different components.

WoodGears.ca offers diagrams for the construction of a simple wooden bed frame from 2x4 pieces of lumber, which highlights the way in which the wood pieces connect to form the support system. Some diagrams focus on specific steps in the building process, which may include images to denote the necessary screws or nails.

SimplifiedBuilding.com features instructions on how to make a bed frame out of metal pipe, which include diagrams that explain the connection methods for the pieces as well as the names and functions of different components.

HowToSpecialist.com has plans for making a bed frame with built-in storage, and it includes diagrams that show how the drawers fit into the overall frame design.

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