What Are Some Different Backyard Paver Designs?


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There are many considerations when it comes to choosing a design for backyard pavers including options for the pattern, shape and material used in the space. Websites such as MyPatioDesign.com offer free downloadable paver patterns based on different designs, using one to four differently sized pavers to achieve the desired look. The website recommends using a pattern, regardless of whether it is downloaded or a do-it-yourself plan, in order to have a consistent design and easy installation.

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Basic guidelines for paver designs include using larger sized individual pavers for larger spaces and choosing smaller pavers for smaller spaces. A paver design can exceed just one pattern, and multiple designs can be used to delineate or add interest to a specific area. For example, a patio that features a hot tub or a fire pit can have a different pattern than the outdoor dining area.

Do-it-yourselfers can calculate the number of pavers needed by first designing or choosing the desired pattern, establishing how many differently sized pavers are to be used and estimating a ratio for each size. For instance, if the patio is 400 square feet and the pattern calls for 25 percent large rectangle pavers, take the percentage multiplied by the square footage to determine the total amount of large pavers needed for the project.

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