What Are Some of the Differences Between Yamaha Generators and Honda Generators?


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Differences between Yamaha and Honda generators include price and what's included. Yamaha includes battery-charging cables with its 1,000-watt inverter portable generator, but Honda lists cables as optional. The starting price for a Yamaha is $879 but a comparable Honda generator begins at $949.95, as of August 2015.

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Another difference is that Yamaha’s warranty is for three years if used for noncommercial purposes while Honda’s is for only two years, regardless of type of use. At the heavy-duty end of the companies' portable generator lines, Yamaha offers the EF6300ISDE, with a maximum AC output of 6,300 watts and a rated output of 5,500 watts. Honda offers the EB6500, the EG 6500 and the EM6500S, all with a maximum 6,500 watts AC output; however, although Honda's models provide 200 watts more output than Yamaha's model, the rated output of all of Honda's offerings is equal to Yamaha's at 5,500 watts.

An additional difference is the run time: Yamaha's EF6300ISDE model is built for 13.3 hours of continuous operation at one-quarter of the rated load on one tank of gas; Honda's EG6500 runs for 10 hours at half the rated load, and the EB6500 and EM6500S run for 10.4 hours at half load.

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