What Are the Differences Between Regular Ovens and Convection Ovens?


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The difference between regular ovens and convection ovens is the addition of an internal fan inside convection ovens that helps circulate hot air. The fan inside a convection oven offers multiple advantages that include an even browning, cooking and crisping process and reduced cooking times.

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The fan inside the convection oven is used to circulate hot air, which helps create an even temperature within the oven box. The even temperature inside the convection oven helps cook items evenly and quickly. Regular ovens can cause uneven browning as a result of hot spots near the top and bottom of the oven box. Even temperatures in convection ovens give users the option to prepare multiple types of food simultaneously. A regular oven limits the number of cooking items to the two primary racks. The middle rack is generally unused as items on that rack do not receive an equal amount of radiant heat. The lack of heat prevents items on the middle rack from cooking as quickly as items on the primary racks. The fan inside the convection oven allows items on the middle rack to cook at the same temperature as items near the top and bottom heating elements of a regular oven.

Convection ovens also cook items faster than regular ovens and require lower temperatures. Convection ovens reduce cooking times by around 25 percent and prepare items at a temperature setting 25 degrees lower than the recommended temperature.

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