What Are the Differences Between a Ninja Blender and a Ninja Juicer?


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The main difference between a Ninja blender and a Ninja juicer is that a blender combines all the ingredients together, while a juicer separates the juice from the fiber. This makes a blender ideal for making thick smoothies, and a juicer ideal for making juice without any pulp.

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The difference between a blender and a juicer is achieved through the operation of the machines. A Ninja blender features sharp blades at the base of a container. These blades are designed to cut through everything a user places into the blender, such as bananas, cherries, oranges and tomatoes. The blender does not separate these items but mixes them together to produce a mixture that contains the pulp, skin and seeds. A blender also has enough power to crush ice, making it perfect for creating a variety of nutritional smoothies.

A Ninja juicer features a less powerful motor that separates the nutritional juices from the ingredients placed inside. Unlike a blender, a juicer separates the pulp, skin and seeds to produce a thinner and smoother liquid. This makes juicers a better choice for people who are health conscious and wish to create juices that haven't been contaminated with additives and harmful chemicals.

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