What Is the Difference Between Patio Carpeting and Home Carpeting?


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The fibers of patio carpeting have a special treatment to protect them from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Manufacturers also formulate the backing so that it resists damage due to moisture. These precautions are not necessary with indoor carpet that benefits from the protection of the home. However, consumers have fewer choices in patterns, fiber type and colors for patio carpeting than with typical indoor carpeting.

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Outdoor carpeting adds elegance to the patio and is a good way to add curb appeal to the home. It transforms patios so that they become an extension of the interior living space. It is rugged and durable but adds more comfort to the outdoor living area.

Factors affecting the life expectancy of patio carpeting include quality of the materials, its location and the maintenance the owner provides. The quality of the carpet is highly dependent on the materials the manufacturer uses. These materials also affect cost. Even with the UV blocking fibers and special backings, carpets in locations receiving full direct sunlight or that remain damp continually have a shorter life expectancy than those that remain dry with protection from direct sun.

Owners can maintain outdoor carpeting by vacuuming it regularly and can prevent mold by moving the carpet to a sunny area to dry regularly.

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