What Is the Difference Between a Nespresso Machine and a Keurig?


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Nespresso and Keurig brewing systems have a number of differences, including design, price, and product development. Nespresso machines originally specialized in fast, convenient espresso, but some newer machines can also brew regular coffee. In contrasting, most Keurigs are dedicated to brewing coffee and tea, with some recent models addressing espresso.

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Though their ability to quickly produce a satisfying, single-serving beverage is relatively equal, these machines differ greatly in design. The Nespresso line of appliances is touted for its sleek, chrome-plated construction; it is widely regarded as the figurative Apple to Keurig's Microsoft. In keeping with the analogy, Keurig brewing systems are larger and more angular than Nespresso machines.

The price points of the two brands also fit the Apple versus Microsoft comparison. Nespresso machines tend to be on the pricier side, while Keurigs are more affordable. As a result of their developmental history, Nespresso machines dominate the single-serving espresso market, but they do appear to be gravitating toward a more multifunctional design. Keurig already offers a number of innovative solutions for beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and espresso. The company partners with Cambell's as of February 2015, so soups and similar products may be coming to Keurig machines in the future.

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