What Is the Difference Between a Mover and a Furniture Removal Service?


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The major difference between moving companies and furniture removal services is that a mover transports the furniture from one location to another, whereas a removal company takes it out of a property and to its own facilities. Many furniture removal companies also remove other items and either recycle them or resell them to other companies.

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What Is the Difference Between a Mover and a Furniture Removal Service?
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A moving company is a business that helps individuals and businesses transport varying amounts of furniture, clothing and other items between locations, typically when a party changes residences or operating locations. These companies typically charge hourly rates for access to a van and a team of movers, who take the items out of the first property, load them into a truck and move them into the new property. Some companies also offer packing services, where the movers provide boxes and materials, and help the residents safely pack all of their belongings, typically at an additional charge.

In contrast, a furniture removal company only removes furniture or other designated items out of a client's home or business and does not take them to a second location of the client's choosing. Many companies maintain or work with recycling facilities to repurpose the furniture and other items, although some also have other means of ensuring the items do not end up in a landfill. These companies allow clients to remove large items from their homes without having to determine the logistics of finding a disposal site.

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