What Is the Difference Between the Masterbuilt Smoker and Other Similar Smokers?


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The main difference between the Masterbuilt smoker and other similar smokers is that it is an electric smoker. According to OnlyTopReviews, this makes it cheaper to maintain, and cleaner and easier to use compared to smokers that use other heat sources such as gas, charcoal or wood pellets.

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OnlyTopReviews also highlights that the Masterbuilt smoker has a much larger capacity than similar smokers. Several Masterbuilt smoker models also feature glass fronts that allow the user to see the progress of the food without opening the smoker and disturbing the heat.

Compared to similarly priced smokers, the Masterbuilt has a greater range of features including an external control panel that allows the user to set a specific heat. The unit then runs at this heat for up to 24 hours. However, it should be noted that the reviewers also pick up on the fact that food cooked in an electric smoker can differ in taste to food cooked in more traditional smokers. One of the main differences is that a traditional smoker can give the food a stronger smoky taste than an electric smoker. One of the other main differences highlighted by About.com is that several of the Masterbuilt smoker models can be safely used indoors. However, users should check the specific model as some are safer for indoor use than others.

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