What Is the Difference Between Insecticides and Pesticides?

difference-between-insecticides-pesticides Credit: Huntstock/Getty Images

A pesticide is any material (natural, organic or synthetic) used to control, prevent, kill, suppress or repel a vast range of pests. Insecticides are one type of pesticide, specifically for insects.

Pesticide is a broad term that includes insecticides (insect killers), herbicides (weed or plant killers), fungicides (fungus killers), rodenticides (rodent killers), growth regulators, and other materials such as miticides (mite control) or molluscicides (snails and slugs).

Pesticides come in different formulas, which determine how they are used and the effectiveness against the pest. Before choosing a pesticide, the user must identify which type of organism is causing the problem so that the most effective product can be chosen.