What Is the Difference Between a Homestead Tomato and a Bradley Tomato?


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In addition to having differing fruit sizes, Bradley and Homestead tomatoes are two different types of tomato plants. Bradley tomatoes, which are typically 6 ounces each and mature in 75 to 85 days, are indeterminate plants. Homestead tomatoes, which typically weigh between 8 and 9 ounces each, are determinate plants that mature in 80 days. Additionally, Homestead tomatoes are more heat tolerant than Bradley tomatoes.

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Determinate tomato plants like the Homestead bear their fruit all at the same time. Gardeners who want a season-long crop would be better off choosing an indeterminate plant like the Bradley, which staggers its crops over a longer period. Indeterminate plants typically need more support from cages and stakes because their vines are longer than the vines of determinate tomato plants. Determinate varieties are better suited for container gardening for this same reason.

Bradley tomatoes have a fresh, mild flavor while Homestead tomatoes have a more robust flavor. Both varieties are heirloom tomatoes. The seeds of heirloom tomatoes have been passed down through generations. The plants are open-pollinated and gardeners collect and save the seeds to grow the following season. Many gardeners believe that heirlooms have superior flavor to modern hybrids like those commonly found in the grocery store.

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