What Is the Difference Between Front and Top Loader Laundry Detergents?


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The difference in laundry detergents for top loaders versus front loaders lies in the amount of suds produced by the detergent. When to use an HE, or High Efficiency, detergent lies in what type of machine is used.

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Front loaders and HE top loaders use considerably less water than the conventional top loader, so HE detergent works much better in these machines. The conventional top loader typically uses a detergent that produces more suds. If a "regular" detergent is used in a high-efficiency machine, all of the suds may not rinse out of the clothes, and the excess suds may leave a residue that is harmful to the machine. Using an HE detergent in a conventional top loader does not hurt the machine, but clothes may not get as clean as with "regular" detergent.

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