What Is the Difference Between Eggshell and Satin Paint?


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Eggshell is a less glossy paint than satin, with a 10 to 25 percent gloss compared to satin's 25 to 36 percent gloss. Paints are classified into different categories of sheen, and eggshell and satin paint both fall on the flat end of the spectrum.

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Paint sheen is an important consideration for both the appearance of the paint and durability concerns. Flat paints are more likely to show wear and tear and are more difficult to clean, while glossy finishes are less likely to pick up dirt and are easily washable. Eggshell paint may be more appropriate for low-traffic areas, while satin paint, which is often used for doors, windows and other trim, can hold up to the heavy cleaning and light scrubbing that may be required in rooms with higher traffic.

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