What Is the Difference Between Canon's IXUS and PowerShot Cameras?

Canon PowerShot and IXUS cameras make up the manufacturer's range of compact digital cameras. Generally speaking, there is a wider range of PowerShot cameras and many feature higher specifications, while the IXUS range is stylish, modern and sleek.

There are several different models of Canon PowerShot camera and several different models of camera under the IXUS brand name. All of the IXUS models have slimline bodies that have a metal effect. They shoot up to 20 MP while some models feature zoom functionality up to 12x.

The PowerShot N series range delivers similar functionality to the IXUS, albeit with different aesthetics. The PowerShot N100, for example, features 12.1 MP and a 8x zoom lens.

There is a wider selection of PowerShot branded cameras, so there is also a larger range of specifications. Usually, the specifications are higher with the exception of megapixels as this is high in the IXUS models, too.

The the G and S series cameras are part of the PowerShot range. They are traditionally styled but are designed to deliver a digital single-lens reflex, or DSLR, experience by offering manual control of many of the camera's functions. The PowerShot SX series is a step up again. Models in this range deliver performance that resembles a DSLR, including 50x zoom lenses and the ability to shoot HD videos.