What dies and die sets are available from Lyman?


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Dies and die sets available from Lyman are precision pistol, precision rifle, precision specialty, and rifle and black power dies, as of 2015. Lyman also provides other tools and kits for shooters and reloaders.

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Lyman precision pistol dies include the pistol neck expanding M dies and three- and four-die sets. The neck expanding series comes in varying caliber sizes. The three-die set features a tungsten carbide sizing die and a two-step neck-expanding die, plus a one-piece hardened steel decapping rod and extra seating screws for all popular bullet nose shapes. The four-die set adds a separate taper crimp die.

The precision rifle line includes rifle two-die sets, appropriate for bottlenecked rifle cartridges; rifle three sets, perfect for straight walled rifle cartridges; classic rifle and black powder dies, designed for obsolete and hard-to-find rifles; deluxe three-rifle sets, featuring full-length and neck-size dies; standard and deluxe neck-size dies designed to allow the reloader to properly size the case neck for optimal bullet tension and smoother expansion; and a neck expanding M die for improved bullet seating.

Lyman precision specialty dies feature a multi-expand charge die system, designed to save the pistol reloader time; universal decapping die, ideal for decapping primers prior to case cleaning; and ram prime die system, designed for sensitive one-at-a-time primer seating on top of a press.

Lyman classic rifle and black powder dies come in unique calibers for the cowboy and black powder cartridge shooter and are used on custom and obsolete rifle calibers.

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