When Did Maytag Build the First Wringer Washer?


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Maytag built its first wringer washer in 1907. Maytag's Pastime wringer washer was the first washer offered by the Maytag company, and it featured a hand-driven crank and flywheel.

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Maytag released its first electric-powered washer in 1911. By 1915, the company began producing gasoline-engine washers called Model 40. People living in rural areas commonly used these gas-powered washing machines, as they did not normally have access to electricity.

Maytag revealed the first aluminum washer tubs in 1919. Prior to this, washer tubs were wooden. The aluminum had many benefits over wood tubs, including resistance to rotting and leaks.

After 76 years, Maytag discontinued its production of wringer washers in 1983. Later that year, Maytag introduced the stacked washer and dryer. The Whirlpool Corporation bought Maytag in April 2006.

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