How Do Diamond Cutting Blades Work?


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Diamond cutting blades are grinding wheels with bonded diamond particles that make cuts by scratching out material. Many types of diamond blades are available, most of which are designed for wet cutting. Water prevents overheating, reduces the dust generated, removes residue from the cut and extends the life of the blade. Dry cutting with diamond blades is reserved for cases in which water can't be used and should be performed with blades made specifically for dry cutting.

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Before wet cutting, ensure the blade is in good condition. Mount it in the correct diameter blade shaft, securely tightened between the proper blade flanges. The mounting flanges must have equal diameter, and be clean and flat. Each side of the blade requires continuous water flow to maintain cutting efficiency. Choose a blade that is optimal for the material being cut, and examine it regularly for damage.

Dry cutting diamond blades are designed to cut specific materials and to operate with specific equipment. Ensure the conditions of the blade and the saw are optimal. Never force the blade onto the material, and don't exceed maximum operating speed to prevent overheating and blade damage. Never stand in line with the blade during startup and operation.

For either wet or dry cutting, never perform any cutting without a blade guard. Always wear safety glasses, snug-fitting clothing, proper footwear, hearing and head protection. Respiratory protection for dry cutting prevents the operator from contracting silicosis, a serious lung disease.

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