What Is a Diagram on How to Rewire a House?


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Diagrams for rewiring a house are basically maps of each room in the house that lay out existing wiring and the planned new wiring. They include all the circuits that will be used in the house, such as door bells, light switches, thermostats and heaters, and where they will be located, ensuring that the size of the circuits are safe and appropriate for their intended uses.

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Diagrams for rewiring a house label which circuits are wired to each particular circuit in a breaker box. They include code specifications but not wiring details for individual circuits, which are up to the electrician doing the job. Not all wiring needs to be replaced when rewiring a house. The wiring for lights, switches and small-load receptacles can often be left in place, while new wiring for major appliances such as washing machines, water heaters and air conditioners can be added. Drawing up a diagram to rewire a house helps determine whether a new main service panel, or circuit breaker box, is necessary, because the diagram calculates the electrical load of any existing wiring left in place, plus that of the new wiring. Energy efficiency can be enhanced by using well thought-out wiring diagrams, thereby lowering energy costs.

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