What Are the Diagnosis Codes for Repairing a Kenmore Front-Load Washer?


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Diagnosis codes, also known as error codes, on a Kenmore front-load washer are designed to alert users of a malfunction and help indicate specific troubleshooting steps. Common diagnosis codes include FH, F02 and SUD.

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An FH diagnosis code indicates a problem with the water supply to the Kenmore front-load washer. Should this diagnosis code appear, ensure that the water supply valves located behind the washer are fully open and the drain is unblocked. This diagnosis code could also indicate a defective water inlet valve assembly which may require replacing.

An F02 diagnosis code indicates a draining problem and can be fixed by removing excess suds and checking the drain pump filter for a clog. If the drain pump is defective, it should be replaced. A SUD diagnosis code indicates excessive suds created by the detergent. To solve this issue, use a high-efficiency detergent instead of a regular detergent.

Other diagnosis codes range from F5 to F15 with solutions found in the user manuals for the specific models of Kenmore front-load washers. Should a diagnosis code continue to appear after troubleshooting, it is recommended to call a professional technician who can further diagnose the problem and install replacement parts if required.

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