How Do You Diagnose a Squeaking Sound on a Maytag Atlantis Washer?


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The squeaking sound emanating from a Maytag Atlantis dryer can be a symptom of the metal rotor drum, the brake solenoid, the brake band or the brake spring. Depending on the cause, either repair these parts or replace them. Replacing parts may require manufacturer-specific tools available by special order.

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  1. Access the metal rotor drum

    To access the metal rotor drum, remove the brake housing. The 200-pound loaded brake spring requires a special tool offered by Maytag as of 2014 with the manufacturer's product number 35-2442.

  2. Sand down the metal rotor drum

    After successfully removing the brake housing and spring, sand down the metal rotor drum with a light emery cloth. The sanding evens out the glaze coating that may be responsible for the squeaking.

  3. Check the brake solenoid

    As another possible source of squeaks, test the brake solenoid. Remove the wires from the brake solenoid and check for continuity and resistance. If the results are poor, replace the brake solenoid.

  4. Examine the brake band

    Check the brake band that connects to the brake solenoid at the bottom of the transition housing. Brake bands require special tools to be replaced, so contact a repair professional if it is the source of the squeaking.

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