What Are Some Deterrents to Prevent Woodpeckers From Damaging House Siding?


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To deter woodpeckers, choose vinyl or metal siding or paint cedar or other wood siding to avoid attracting the birds. Alternately, cover the affected areas with nylon netting, and install metal flashing on window sills and other roosting areas to prevent the birds from landing on those surfaces. Supply the woodpeckers, and other birds, with suet or birdseed during the autumn and winter to draw the birds away from the home. Remove the suet in summer.

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Do not use sticky deterrents, as these products can affect the bird's ability to survive. Instead, use a combination of deterrents that prevent the birds from landing in the affected areas, and install devices that are designed to frighten the woodpeckers, such as Terror Eyes from the manufacturer Bird-X.

Noise deterrents are also an option. Install a device that mimics the sound of a woodpecker in distress, and set the device to play the sound on a regular schedule. Another option is to install a motion-activated sound device that plays the desired sound each time it is activated. To frighten the birds for a short period of time, install handheld windmills made with reflective materials near the affected area.

Cover the existing holes in the siding with wood putty or install aluminum flashing over the holes, providing eggs aren't present. Typically, eggs are present in the spring and early summer months.

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