How Do You Determine the Value of Old Vinyl Records?


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Valuing that vintage vinyl collection sitting in the attic might be as easy as finding the serial number etched into all vinyl records and entering it into the search engine of one of the many websites catering to collectors, explains VinylRecordFair.com. Condition and rarity are important, and popularity is a factor in determining what a collector is willing to buy and at what price.

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As of 2015, sales of vinyl records have been climbing steadily since 2006, according to Discogs, one of the sites that buy old records. In its guide to valuing records, it reminds sellers that if a buyer can’t enjoy listening to the music, there is little reason to buy the record. Standards of condition can go from fair to near mint, with the latter being more valuable. Just as classic books can go through many editions, popular artist’s records go through many pressings, making the rarer “first editions” worth more.

There are several options for those who wish to sell an old vinyl record. Local vintage vinyl stores and online auctions sites are good places to find buyers. Some websites buy from any era, while others specialize. For example, Continental Record Company Ltd. buys only new 45 rpms on their website, while Gjazz.com offers thousands of rare and out-of-print jazz recordings for sale. Sometimes, it's the record jacket that generates interest from collectors.

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