How Do You Determine the Value of Old French Furniture?


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An antique dealer can offer an appraisal of old French furniture. Some dealers such as Mary Helen McCoy Fine Antiques, specialize in older furniture and can offer the most accurate estimates. Age and rarity can be key factors in determining value.

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There is a selection of antique French furniture for sale on eBay.com. Listings can help provide a basis for determining the value of your own furniture; however, a professional opinion is far more accurate. Very small differences in antiques can make the value vary a lot, making it hard to determine value without a through examination.

Online guides such as Antiques Navigator can help determine a range of value for some pieces of furniture. Goantiques.com provides appraisal services and will sell antiques for a small commission. Books that list antique furniture values are available for sale on Amazon.com however values can fluctuate, so these figures need to be considered just an estimate until an appraisal is done.

Valuemystuff.com will appraise furniture for free for users that submit a photo and any relevant information about their piece. Owners of antiques often get more than one appraisal so that they can make sure they are getting a fair price for their furniture.

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