How Do You Determine the Value of an Early American Antique Oil Lamp?


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Determine the value of early American antique oil lamps using antique appraisal resources such as Collectors Weekly, Kovels and ValueMyStuff. These sites allow users to compare prices and values of various antiques, including oil lamps.

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Collectors Weekly maintains a section specifically for antique and vintage lamps, keeping track of typical eBay prices and values. The site also contains a Show & Tell section in which users can post photographs of antique lamps and receive commentary, tips and appraisals from other users. Collectors Weekly also offers informative articles on general lamp appraisal practices and pricing trends.

Kovels is a major antique price guide that offers listings for thousands of antiques, including significant listings for antique lamps. The site contains a specific section for lamps, allowing users to browse through eBay listings and see which models are the most popular. Users can also browse through Kovels’ price listings for different lamp styles, though this does require creating an account with the site.

ValueMyStuff is a unique site that allows users to receive customized antique appraisals from experts. Using the site’s submission system, users can take photos of their lamps and include any relevant information along with their submissions. The site’s team of experts then evaluates the submissions and responds with pricing information. After receiving a free appraisal, users can sell the items, restore them or have them exhibited.

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