How Do You Determine the Value of Antique Waterbury Clocks?

How Do You Determine the Value of Antique Waterbury Clocks?

Factors that play a role in determining the appropriate valuation of an antique Waterbury clock include the condition of the clock and market demand for the specific clock model. Whether or not the clock is being sold at retail or via auction also plays an important role.

In general, prices for Waterbury antique clocks are higher if sold via a reputable dealer. A dealer can guarantee that the clock has been examined, cleaned, adjusted and repaired. He can also tell you about the history, care and maintenance of your clock and may offer warranties or guarantees of authenticity.

Prices can be 50 percent lower if the Waterbury antique clock is being sold via auction. Auction models are generally sold "as is," and buyers run the risk of buying a clock that has not been properly authenticated. A typical place to find a Waterbury antique clock at auction is eBay. Based on bidding activity, you can determine approximate current market valuations.

You may get an appraisal if you have doubts about the identity or value of your clock, especially if you want to sell it.

Factors that play a role in the buying of antique clocks include historical price information, seller guarantees, shipping or transportation costs, rarity and the clock's condition. Provenance, identifying marks and current resale value are also factors to consider.