How Do You Determine the Value of Antique French Perfume Bottles?


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Collectors determine the value of antique French perfume bottles primary by identifying the label or mark of the manufacturers. Two of the most sought-after manufacturers whose bottles sometimes sell for high prices are Lalique and Baccarat. In assessing value, collectors also consider whether there are cracks and chips on the bottle, whether the original box is intact and the amount of unspoiled perfume remaining in the bottle.

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Antique French perfume bottles may be crystal, glass, metal or porcelain. Many are in elaborate shapes and diverse colors. Bottles that Rene Lalique designed beginning in 1885 often have his signature or imprint on the bases and display milky opalescence rather than clarity. Although Lalique created many of his early designs in collaboration with perfume makers, later efforts are elegant empty containers that customers filled with their own perfumes.

Antique Baccarat perfume bottles usually have logos etched in acid on the bases. The logos may be a simple B and the year of manufacture, or they may include a rendering of a goblet, wine glass and carafe along with the words France and Baccarat. Some Baccarat designs are intricately elaborate, such as a perfume bottle with the appearance of a candlestick holding a candle whose stopper is a metal flame.

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