How Do You Determine the Value of Antique Fire King Dishes?

There are several online resources, such as antique glass appraisers like, or pricing books such as "Anchor-Hocking's Fire King & More" identification and value guide to help determine the value of antique Fire King dishes. Pricing resources, books and appraisers can also be found locally.

Fire King was produced by Anchor-Hocking from 1942 until 1976. It was mass produced at very affordable prices so many of the pieces are found in abundance. The rarity of an antique piece is a factor that determines its price. Some pieces, especially in pristine condition, are more valuable than others. The continuing availability of Fire King makes it an affordable collectible.

Another factor determining price is the condition of the piece. Although many were produced, Fire King pieces are glass and can be cracked, chipped or broken. A damaged piece has virtually no value unless it completes a set or is a very rare item, notes

"Anchor-Hocking's Fire King & More," which was in its fourth edition as of 2015, is a popular source for identifying and valuing Fire King. The reference book for collectors provides pictures and helps determine the value of candy dishes, mugs and Jade-ite, which is gaining popularity and desirability among collectors.