How Do You Determine the Value of Antique Bulova Wristwatches?


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Determine the value of an antique Bulova wristwatch by considering factors such as the current economy, the materials it's made of, its age and the condition it's in. Other factors that have weight in a Bulova watch valuation include unusual faces and crystals and whether it's a high-interest model.

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The economy's role in determining the value of an antique Bulova watch correlates to the number of buyers available in the marketplace. If the economy is down and there is less expendable income available to potential buyers, the demand for antiques and collectibles goes down. When the demand for antique items goes down, so does the price.

The materials a watch is made of is the second factor to take into consideration. Solid gold, platinum or rose gold are inherently more valuable than a plated antique piece. Rose gold in particular is highly sought after among Bulova collectors. In addition, Bulova watch faces that are made of the same metal as the watch's body add considerable value.

Age and condition are important considerations used to determine the value of any antique. To find the age of a Bulova watch, visit MyBulova.com and search its extensive database using the watch's serial number. If the serial number is unknown, the watch is still identifiable by its movement markings.

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