How Do You Determine the Right Barberry Variety for Your Yard?


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The type of barberry for a yard depends on whether it is used as edging for a walkway or patio, for a hedge or privacy screen, or for inclusion in a herbaceous border. Barberries are also planted to discourage deer and other pests.

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Barberries are also planted for the beauty of their autumn foliage and their flowers and berries. The type of barberry also depends on the climate. A barberry such as Helmond Pillar does well in hardiness zones 4 through 8, but Nevin's barberry does best in the near constant warmth of zones 9 through 10.

Barberries such as Nevin's barberry, the Magellan and Darwin are good plants for hedges or privacy screens. The Magellan and Darwin barberries are also evergreens. Nevin's barberry sports golden flowers in the winter and spring and is excellent for dry areas in the landscape.

Dwarf barberries such as Kobold and Crimson Pygmy are excellent as edging plants. Crimson Pygmy is also grown for its beauty, as it has purple leaves throughout the summer that turn blazing red in the fall. The Mission Canyon Oregon grape is a good ground cover, as it grows to only two feet tall but has a spread of 6 feet.

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