How Do You Determine Which Replacement Blades You Need for Your Blender?


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Determine the blades required for a particular blender by inputting the make and model number into the search function of a website that provides a range of blades, such as eBay or PartStore.com. Alternatively, check the website of the manufacturer of the particular blended for details of approved parts stockists.

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For safety, it is important to only install blades designed for the blended in question. It's therefore important to determine the exact model of blender being fixed as well as its manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer model finders on their websites, which can help with this, but the best way is to check the machine itself and its associated paperwork.

After determining the model, it's important to source a genuine part that matches that specification. While generic parts are available, these are less likely to fit well, and they may be more prone to electrical and mechanical failure. The manufacturer may well have a list of approved parts suppliers available on its website; if not, choosing an authentic branded part from a third-party reseller or auction site is the safest way to proceed. Sites such as eBay provide feedback on sellers, allowing customers to judge their reliability and trustworthiness, and using these tools helps to ensure the correct parts are obtained.

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